About PhotochemCAD

PhotochemCAD™ 3 and accompanying database will be ready for free downloading in early March, 2018, to accompany the two new papers cited below.

The PhotochemCAD™ program contains modules for performing calculations, a database of absorption and emission spectra for 150 diverse compounds, a database of solar spectra, and extensive literature references. We developed PhotochemCAD™ for use as a computer-aided research and teaching tool in photochemistry. This not-for-profit effort is aimed at advancing the science of photochemistry, and is fully described in the following journal articles:

The current version of PhotochemCAD™ is Version 2.1 (03/06/2009).

Download the PhotochemCAD™ program files and the additional databases.

About us

The PhotochemCAD™ program and databases were developed by Jonathan Lindsey and his coworkers. You can visit the Lindsey group on the Web or send email.

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